Student residences

ANU offers a broad range of accommodation choices for students, within a diverse and vibrant community.

Bruce Hall - Daley Road »

Bruce Hall is proud to have been the first undergraduate residence built at The Australian National University in 1961. The Packard wing was built later to serve the needs of the ANU postgraduate community.

Catered | Undergraduate

Bruce Hall Packard Wing »

The Bruce Hall Packard Wing provides studios with individual kitchens and bathrooms for graduate and later year undergraduate students.

Self-catered | Postgraduate

Burgmann College »

Burgmann College blends the best of collegiate values in a contemporary way and is located in a splendid bush and parkland setting on campus.

Catered | Undergraduate

Burgmann College Postgraduate Village »

The Postgraduate Village at Burgmann College was completed in 2004 and features some of the most modern and comfortable accommodation on campus. It accommodates 120 self-catered places for postgraduate and Honours students in a village street...

Self-catered | Postgraduate

Burton & Garran Hall »

College?life is all about living and learning together. Burton and Garran Hall (B&G) is an all-inclusive community, full of opportunity, interaction and diversity.

Self-catered | Undergraduate

Davey Lodge »

UniLodge @ ANU - Davey Lodge offers students a wide range of apartments, from single occupancy studios to five bedroom multi-shares. Everything has been designed to make your student life as great as possible and help you excel at your studies....

Self-catered | Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Fenner Hall »

Fenner Hall is one of ANU's newest residential halls which opened its door in February 2019.? Fenner Hall is located in the heart of Kambri, and is home to 450 residents from all over Australia and across the world, lending itself to a truly...

Self-catered | Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Graduate House »

Graduate House is part of the University and Graduate Houses community. We have over 150 graduate students from 30+ countries who form a thriving and supportive community of scholars pursuing postgraduate research or coursework degrees.

Self-catered | Postgraduate

John XXIII College »

John XXIII College is more than just a place to eat & sleep - it's a place where residents become a part of a vibrant social community and make friends for life. It's a place where students feel at home as a part of an academic community.

Catered | Undergraduate

Kinloch Lodge »

Kinloch Lodge is a UniLodge residence, and together with our supportive staff and senior residents we strive to cater to the multicultural needs of all our residing students.

Self-catered | Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Lena Karmel Lodge »

UniLodge @ ANU - Lena Karmel Lodge is the most modern and well-equipped accommodation on campus.

Self-catered | Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Toad Hall »

Toad Hall opened its doors on April Fools Day 1974 - something which residents still celebrate with an annual 'Friends and Follies' party.

Self-catered | Postgraduate

University House »

University House is the first graduate accommodation on the ANU campus and is now part of the University and Graduate Houses community.

Self-catered | Postgraduate

Ursula Hall Laurus Wing »

Laurus Wing at Ursula Hall provides single studios and one bedroom apartments suitable for either singles or couples. Each apartment is self-contained with its own kitchen and bathroom.

Self-catered | Postgraduate

Ursula Hall Main Wing »

Main Wing at Ursula Hall is a great supportive community with over 50 years of traditions. You have the chance to know all of your neighbours in a welcoming environment. That's life in a nutshell at Ursula Hall, affectionately known as Ursies.

Catered | Undergraduate

Wamburun Hall »

UniLodge @ ANU - Wamburun Hall is one of the University's newest residential and welcomes its first cohort of students in 2019.

Self-catered | Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Warrumbul Lodge »

UniLodge @ ANU - Warrumbul Lodge has all the facilities you could possibly need and support is always on hand. You will be well-connected to the campus and everything in it, plus the city centre is very close by.

Self-catered | Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Wright Hall »

Wright Hall, The Australian National University's latest offering in its suite of residences offers each resident a place to call home in a vibrant new community and with state-of-the art facilities.

Flexi-catered | Undergraduate